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June 2, 2018

I’ve been plugging away, submitting short stories here and there. In some cases, the rejections come quickly, and it’s easy to get dispirited. In other cases, I can wait months or more than a year to get a response, which is equally distressing. I have one story sitting in one place for months with no answer and since it was written specifically for that anthology I don’t know if I can find another home for it.


No one likes to be rejected, but sometimes it’s actually easier.  If I believe the story is good, I turn around and find some other place to submit it. I have had more than one story turned down in one place – or several places – that I then sent to an editor who found it a good fit for his or her project. It’s important to remember that stories are rejected for all sorts of reasons, including that they already have something along those lines or it simply doesn’t work for the editor.


The story that I just received an acceptance for was rejected for the volume for which it was originally written. I could tell from the comments I got from the editor that he just didn’t get it. Since he had accepted a previous story of mine I didn’t take it personally. We just weren’t on the same wavelength this time. When another anthology came along where I thought the story might fit – for entirely different reasons – I submitted it again, and this time it clicked. So, I keep writing and submitting. Sometimes it all comes together quickly and sometimes it’s a long, drawn out process.

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