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Not letting the computers win

May 3, 2017

For some time people have been after me to get my own website, particularly those who are quite comfortable with things like computer programming and web design. I always put it off and started using my author's page at Goodreads because it was easy. But no, things were different now. It's a snap to put together your own website. It's intuitive. It's cut and paste and drag and click.

Utter nonsense. I spent several hours on Sunday trying to make heads or tails out of two different platforms and finally gave up. It was frustrating and opaque and didn't make sense. Finally a friend (Sebastian Banker who is as laid back and patient as I am not) offered to help me. I chose Wix, which was supposed to be a breeze. We'll, we have something up and running, but it's still not 100%. When I tried to write my first blog entry there, it would not let me type more than a paragraph. It simply would not scroll down. That's why I'm typing this at Goodreads and will attempt to cut and paste it there.

We finally got all my book covers up. Sebastian had to turn to Google for help because the website was acting like a friend who gives you a favorite recipe but leaves out an ingredient so your version won't be as good. It's now more than four hours later -- Sebastian is long gone -- and I'm wondering what the point is of having a website that won't show my full book covers, let me compose a blog entry, or otherwise do the basics of the website they're offering. 

It's been suggested this is a come on to pay for the more expensive operation that supposedly works better, but if they can't get the basics right, why would I trust them with anything complex?

That's it for now. I sold another short story and I want to write about a new anthology I'm in that's attracting a lot of attention, but it'll have to wait. I'm not admitting to defeat. I'm just making a strategic withdrawal.

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